Process Server

Each state has its own rules for civil procedures that have to do with process serving. We do not make people feel bad when we serve process to them. If you are being evicted from your home, a process server will need to deliver the paperwork to you. If you do not follow the instructions on documents handed to you by a process server, you can be held in contempt of court. When your attorney draws up paperwork for child support, that paperwork will be sent to your spouse by way of service or process and not in the mail.

Anyone who has apartment buildings for office complexes that need security, can call us for security guards. When a tenant is late with the rent, we can serve a 3 day notice telling them they must pay or get out. You will be able to communicate with our field coordinator to find out what you need to learn for your investigation. Being served court documents about child support cases is the way you will receive your notice. When you are in the process of getting a restraining order, that paperwork must be served to the proper party.

We are experts at delivering restraining orders and eviction notices. If you have a client who is supposed to be served and they get out of town, you can count on us to find them for you. You will find that we will provide all of the services you need at a price that is reasonable. Most states require that the person being served identify himself as the person on the documents. If we do not find the person home right away to serve process, we will make several attempts.

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